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  Name     Edge     Beamline     Rating   Select
    Fe metal   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    V metal   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Cu metal   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Mo metal   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    SrCO3_12K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrO_10K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrO_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrO_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_10K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_10K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Se_Se0_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_ZnSe_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    SrCO3_12K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrCO3_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    cu_metal_rt   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Eu2O3_eu_l3_001   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Eu2O3_eu_l3_003   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    CdO_10K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnSO4_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnS_aldrich_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Sr_slawsonite_15K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Sr_slawsonite_15K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Sr_slawsonite_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    V2O3   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    V2O5   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    SrTiO3_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrZrSi2O7_15K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrZrSi2O7_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Sr_slawsonite_15K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Sr_slawsonite_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    zn_znse_rt   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    as2o3_100K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o3_100K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    CeO2   L3   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    SrZrSi2O7_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    cr2o3_rt_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o3_100K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o3_10K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o3_10K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_ssrl4_1_rt_002   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2o3_10K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o3_roomt_scan1   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2o3_roomt_scan2   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2o3_roomt_scan3   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2o5_100K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_100K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_10K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_10K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_roomt_scan2   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2s3_100K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2s3_10K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2s3_10K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_100K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_10K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_10K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_100K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_10K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2o5_roomt_scan1   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2o5_roomt_scan3   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    as2s3_100K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2s3_100K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2s3_10K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    as2s3_roomt_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_100K_scan1   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_100K_scan3   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    ass_10K_scan2   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    Au_Foil_L2_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L2   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CdS_10K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    cr2o3_100K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_100K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    gaas_roomt_01   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Au_Foil_L1_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L1   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Au_Foil_L3_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L3   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CdO_10K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    CdO_10K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    CdS_10K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    CdS_10K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    co_metal_rt   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    cr2o3_100K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_100K_004   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_rt_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_rt_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2o3_ssrl4_1_rt_001   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    cr2o3_ssrl4_1_rt_003   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    cr2s3_100K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_100K_004   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_15K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_rt_002   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    cro2_15K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cro2_rt_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_15K_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cr2s3_rt_001   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    cr2s3_rt_003   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    cro2_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cro2_15K_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cro2_rt_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cr2o7_rt_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cr2o7_rt_004   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_15K_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    cro2_rt_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cr2o7_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cr2o7_rt_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_15K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_rt_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_rt_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_100K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_100K_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_15K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_rt_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    k2cro4_rt_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_100K_002   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_15K_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_rt_001   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    na2cro4_rt_003   K   SSRL 2-3   unrated
    Cu2S_13K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    CuO_tenorite_13K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    CuS_covellite_13K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Cu_Foil_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Cu_azurite_13K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    cu_metal_10K   K   NSLS X11A   unrated
    Eu2O3_eu_l3_002   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuO_eu_l3_002   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuO_eu_l3_004   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuSe_eu_l3_001   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuTiO3_eu_l3_002   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe2O3_rt_01   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    Se_ZnSe_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe3C_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Mn3O4_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    EuO_eu_l3_001   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuO_eu_l3_003   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuSe_eu_l3_002   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    EuTiO3_eu_l3_001   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe3O4_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    SrCO3_12K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    FeN_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    FeO_rt_01   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    FeS2_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe_Foil_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_02   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Hansel2001_2lineFerrihydrite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_Fe_foil_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_goethite_xanes_003   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_Cl_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    NiOH2_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_Cl_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_magnetite_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_siderite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Mn2O3_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    NiS_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_SO4_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_SO4_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_magnetite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_siderite_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    NiS_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Hansel2001_vivianite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Mn2O3_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Mn2O3_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Mn3O4_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Mn3O4_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    MnO2_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Pb_Foil_L2_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L1   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    MnO2_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    MnO_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    MnO_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Ni2O3_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Ni2O3_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    NiOH2_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    MnO2_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    MnO_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Ni2O3_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    NiOH2_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    NiS_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-1   unrated
    Ni_metal_rt_02   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Pb_Foil_L1_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L1   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Pb_Foil_L3_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   L3   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    pt_metal_rt   L3   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Ni_metal_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    CaS_rt_002   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CaS_rt_004   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CdS_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    ferric_sulfate_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CaSO4_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CaS_rt_001   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CaS_rt_003   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    MgS_rt_002   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    pentlandite_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CoAsS_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CoSO4_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    FeSO4_7H2O_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    MgS_rt_001   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    pyrite1_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    SrTiO3_10K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    Se_NiSe_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Se0_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    MgS_rt_003   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum2_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_03   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Se_Na2SeO4_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    MgS_rt_004   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Na2SO3_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    NiSO4_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    S_ScotchTape_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    S_elemental_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_02   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_04   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_06   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    jarosite_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    marcasite_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    gypsum_rt_05   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    pyrite2_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Se_CoSe_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Cu2Se_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_CuSe_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_HgSe_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Na2SeO3_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    SrTiO3_10K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    pyrite3_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    pyrrhotite_rt_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Se_CoSe_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Cu2Se_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_CuSe_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_HgSe_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Na2SeO3_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_Na2SeO4_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Se_NiSe_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    SrO_10K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrO_10K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrO_rt_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_10K_02   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrSO4_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrTiO3_10K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrTiO3_rt_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrTiO3_rt_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrZrSi2O7_15K_01   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    SrZrSi2O7_15K_03   K   SSRL 4-3   unrated
    WO2_rt_02   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    WO3_rt_02   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    W_metal_rt_02   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnC2O4_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    VO   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    VO2   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    V_foil   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    WO2_rt_01   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    WO2_rt_03   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    WO3_rt_01   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    WO3_rt_03   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    W_metal_rt_01   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    W_metal_rt_03   L3   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnC2O4_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnC2O4_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnSO4_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnSO4_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnS_aldrich_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_ZnS_aldrich_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_hopeite_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_smithsonite_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_sphalerite_rt_02   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Zn_foil   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_hopeite_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_hopeite_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_smithsonite_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_smithsonite_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_sphalerite_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Zn_sphalerite_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Chorover13BM_Znfoil_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    ZnO   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    CePO4   L3   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Au_foil_Au_L3_180.00000   L3   P65   unrated
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