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Spectrum: cu_metal_10K

Data File: cu_metal_10K.xdi
Short Description: cu_metal_10K
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Suites: No suites contain this spectrum
Absorption Edge: Cu K edge
Measurement Mode: transmission
Beamline: NSLS X11A    
Mono d-spacing: 3.135301 Å (Si(111))
Energy Units: eV
Energy Resolution: nominal
Sample: Cu
Cu, metal foil
Reference Sample: none
Date Measured: 1992-09-15 01:52:53
Date Uploaded: 2020-05-07 19:57:15
Owner: Matt Newville (matt.newville@gmail.com)
Citation: unknown    
User Comments:
Cu foil, 10K, rolled and annealled foil by matt

    unsorted file headers:
# Beamline: collimation: none, focusing: no, harmonic_rejection: detuned mono, name: X11A, table_translation: no
# Edc: del: 10.020 .483 .050K, gains: 8 7 10, offsets: 51284 50016 48319, srb: -193.7 -43.5 30.0 2381.3
# Facility: energy: 2.584 GeV, name: NSLS, xray_source: bend magnet
# Mono: d_spacing: 3.135301, name: Si(111), stpdeg: 6400
# Sample: sample: Cu metal foil, 99.999%, temperature: 10 K
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