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Spectrum: MnO_rt_02

Data File: MnO_rt_02.xdi
Short Description: MnO_rt_02
Ratings: No ratings
Suites: No suites contain this spectrum
Absorption Edge: Mn K edge
Measurement Mode: transmission
Beamline: SSRL 4-3    
Mono d-spacing: 1.920090 Å (Si(220))
Energy Units: eV
Energy Resolution: nominal
Sample: MnO
MnO, powder, mixed with B(OH)3
Reference Sample: Mn filter
Date Measured: 1995-06-20 02:43:21-04:00
Date Uploaded: 2020-05-07 19:57:21.138724-04:00
Owner: Matt Newville (matt.newville@gmail.com)
Citation: unknown    
User Comments:
217 E XMU I0

    unsorted file headers:
# Beamline: name: SSRL 4-3
# Detector: i0: N2 15cm, i1: N2 30cm, i2: N2 15cm
# Mono: d_spacing: 1.92009, name: Si(220), notes: unfocused, detuned 10%
# Sample: reference: Mn filter, temperature: room temperature
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