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23 spectra for Fe    -   Click on heading labels to toggle sorting:
  Name     Edge     Beamline     Rating   Select
    Fe metal   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Fe2O3_rt_01   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    Fe3C_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe3O4_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    FeN_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    FeO_rt_01   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    FeS2_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe_Foil_rt_2016Foils_13IDE_01   K   APS 13-ID-E   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_01   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_02   K   APS 20-BM-B   unrated
    Fe_metal_rt_03   K   APS 13-BM-D   unrated
    Hansel2001_2lineFerrihydrite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_Fe_foil_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_goethite_xanes_003   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_Cl_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_Cl_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_magnetite_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_siderite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_SO4_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_greenrust_SO4_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_magnetite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_siderite_xanes_002   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
    Hansel2001_vivianite_xanes_001   K   APS 13-ID-C,D   unrated
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