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Upload XAS Spectra to the X-ray Absorption Data Library:

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Notes on Uploading Files:

Somewhere in the columns of the Data Table there Must be columns for
  1. Energy or Monochromator Angle, in units of eV, keV, or degrees.
  2. Arrays that can be used to build \(\mu(E)\) or mu(Energy). These arrays will be columns in the Data Table that may represent of I_0, I_transmission, I_fluorescence, or mu_transmission, mu_fluorescence. Note that it is OK to have emission modes other than fluorescence -- they will be treated in the same way as fluorescence data.
Names for the columns will be automatically deduced from the data file. These names these may not be perfectly aligned with what you expect the column labels to be. Still, when uploading data, you will be expected to be able to deduce which columns are appropriate and what the column name. During the Verification process, you will be shown plots of the resulting mu vs Energy.

You will be expected to fill in values for some meta-data including:

Some of this meta-data may be guessed from the file headers. In additions, some validity and error checking will be done on these values. Ultimately, the quality of the data relies on you verifying the correctness of these fields.

Some additional notes:

Finally, because uploading files uses finite computing resources, we reserve the right to restrict or remove any data for any reason without notice and to ban users who abuse the ability to upload data.